Circular polaroid test rings

jeudi 31 août 2023
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Circular polaroid test rings

These are two test rings formed each of four right circular polaroids (4Dr) and left and (4Gr).

The positioning and configuration are very precise. That is why we have entrusted the manufacture to SEDATELEC to be sure that everyone has the same instruments.

These test rings have a front side indicated by (r)

They measure four types of blockages.

Simple blocks

These blockages are sought at the end of consultation after regulation of other transfers.

1) Right simple blocks measured with 4 Dr : These are blockages that correspond to chronic pathologies. They are generally measured on the right or left posterior external face. They also react to DNA and regulate OR/AG electrical transfers.

2) Left single blocks measured with 4 Gr : These are blockages that also correspond to chronic pathologies. They are generally measured on the left or right posterior side. They also react to RNA and regulate magnetic N/S transfers

Double blocks

They are detected by combining 4Dr and 4Gr tests

3) The double blocking test (BD) consists of the two tests 4Dr and 4Gr recto versus recto.

This test on the midline of the chest usually restores all electromagnetic transfers related to environmental disturbances. The regulation of these transfers allows a more reliable examination and a better reactivity of the organism.

This test makes it possible to find with the white light a point located on one of the four faces of the ears. This point eliminates most obstacles and allows the body to react better regardless of the treatment used.

4) The Reverse Double Block Test (BDI) consists of the two 4Dr and 4Gr back to back tests. The faces noted r are external.

This test makes it possible to find the points in relation to the evolutionary pathologies.



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