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This site is reserved for researchers in auricular or body acupuncture.
The method presented is new and unproven and each researcher will have to provide their results in order to participate in the development of evaluation protocols.
It is a complementary method and any practitioner using it undertakes to comply with the data acquired from science and to inform their patients.

Object of the site :

The site is intended to bring to the attention of acupuncture researchers a new technique which will have to be evaluated. Its access is free but on registration.

Object of the technique

The technique makes it possible to determine the primary points of ear acupuncture and probably of body acupuncture. These primary points are related to the origin of neurophysiological imbalances and pathologies.

The analysis of the points makes it possible to determine the organ in question and in certain cases the nature of the pathologies. However, this is only a diagnostic orientation that must be verified by conventional complementary examinations in relation to the clinical symptomatology.

In the future, research should allow more precise orientations if a certain number of researchers are willing to participate in the studies.



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