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Effects of Frequency-Controlled Ear Acupuncture on COVID-19- related Refractory Olfactory Dysfunction : a Randomized Clinical Trial
A Mohebbi, SH Bagheri, E Raziabadi, A Shafiei, M Roomiani, M Arab, L Dehdari
Journal of acupuncture and meridian studies, 2024, 17(2), 69‐75 | added to CENTRAL : 31 May 2024

Training in infant care and auriculotherapy techniques for more than premature newborns : double-blind clinical trial
Z Ghasempour, M Abolhassani, A Gholami, F Karimi, M Dokhaei, N Rabiee
Revista brasileira de saude materno infantil, 2024 | added to CENTRAL : 31 May 2024

Effects of auriculotherapy on nausea and vomiting in pregnant women : a randomized clinical trial
NBM Froes, PS Aquino, PRAL Soares, LP Barbosa, VSM Abreu, AIO Nicolau, HMF Jorge, C Biazus Dalcin
Complementary therapies in clinical practice, 2024, 101847 | added to CENTRAL : 30 April 2024

Effect of ear acupuncture needling therapy for premenstrual syndrome among young adults of age between 18-35
CTRI/2024/03/064470, 2024 | added to CENTRAL : 30 April 2024

NADA ear acupuncture and breast cancer treatment-related hot flushes and night sweats (HF&NS) : evaluating 10 years of service data
B De Valois, T Young, P Thorpe, L Kelly
Journal of complementary and integrative medicine, 2016, 13(4), eA17 | added to CENTRAL : 30 April 2024

Auricular Acupuncture and Hot Flashes During Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy
NCT06369168, 2024 | added to CENTRAL : 30 April 2024

Auricular acupuncture combined with percutaneous acupoint electrical stimulation for elderly patients Effects of postoperative cognitive function and salivary cortisol
ChiCTR2400081758, 2024 | added to CENTRAL : 30 April 2024

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Effect of Auriculotherapy and Laser on pain treatment in patients treated at the family health unit
RBR-472dvp3, 2024 | added to CENTRAL : 31 March 2024

The effect of ear acupressure (auriculotherapy) on sexual function of lactating women : protocol of a randomized sham controlled trial
S Barghamadi, Z Alimoardi, T Oleson, N Bahrami
Trials, 2020, 21(1), 729‐ | added to CENTRAL : 30 September 2020



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